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    Tower Defense 0.1.3


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    Tower Defense 0.1.3

    Post by Najir on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:49 pm

    Released next update for TD as i progressed the game. Expect more updates as time goes on. It's pretty basic so don't expect to much right now


    Patch notes:

    - Added new enemy(Larger with Double HP, size, and Half the speed)

    - Added Shotgun(Shoots 5 bullets at once)

    - Added AR(Shoots faster than pistol and auto, same damage)

    - Made bullets more reliable and fixed detection issues that apply

    - Updated main menu

    - Added game mode survival(Enemies chase you instead of going to the
    base, currently Not working rn)

    - Added proper damage and rate of fire upgrades in the store system

    - Scaling upgrade prices

    - Added guns to store(100 points each)

    - Added store menus

    - Added switchable weapons( 1, pistol 2, AR 3, SG)

    - Started base system for gernades(not implemented yet)

    - A bit of bug fixes and polish, over helped the game feel smoother and more fluid

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    Re: Tower Defense 0.1.3

    Post by Aviation on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:47 pm

    I like the updates, coming quick. Keep em coming hope the next one is soon XD

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    Re: Tower Defense 0.1.3

    Post by Kpride on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:09 pm

    Progress i guess, keep at it

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    Re: Tower Defense 0.1.3

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