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    TD Version 0.2.0

    Post by Najir on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:29 am

    This update focused around not only progress the game but also quality of life as i improved the difficulty curve and improved on old functionality as well as add new.

    7/3/16: Lots of stuff added, visually and functionally. The game is nearing it's end of the function stage as i finish up the last of the basic features that will be used in the game. Although It's in alpha so It's prone to possible change.
    - Fixed up store menues
    - Fixed nav issue with ai
    - Added range AI(not in game yet almost tho)
    - Added Skills, basic only 2 for now increasing stats
    - Added "Towers" Which are areas that you stand in to be given constant buffs.
    - Added 3 types of rocks all basic and simple
    - Added trees
    - Added a basic plant
    - Added 2 bones for detail
    - Added fire rune and spire
    - Added UI for ammo based on weapon
    - Added store ui for all ammo and equipment
    - Added spikes that are placeable and apply damage to AI
    - Added grenades refill in store
    - Scaling enemy levels
    - Environmental events at certain round( meteors that don't do damage right now)
    - Added grass, first implementation
    - Fixed and set up proper lighting
    - Post process affects are applied, though they are basic
    - Started a broken down Cabin( like 10% done)

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